Georgia is an amazing guide who made Rome come to life. Her passion, vignettes and extraordinary level of knowledge made this a most rewarding and unique experience. I love that the groups are small and Georgia made every effort to include and make welcome everybody on tour. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and cannot praise your company enough, your tour exceeded all my expectations and I will be recommending your company to all of my colleagues who may travel to Italy in the future.

- Twilight City Stroll with Gelato!

Knowledgeable and very pleasant. We commented several times after our trip that Georgia made the Borghese tour much more than we could have on our own. We left feeling educated and more appreciative of the Borghese art.

- Marcus McCain

Best Guide EVER! Georgia was of great help and loved her enthusiasm!!

- Alfred Yan

Georgia was the best guide I have ever had on a tour. She is very knowledgable and made it fun. She was great with the kids on the tour. I will definitely book a tour with her again.

- Rhonda Kersting

Fantastic guide. I had to prompt her for why she was chosen to guide Prince Harry as she does not brag. It is clear why she was chosen as the best guide in Rome in the recent past. My mother and I look forward to reading her book. Georgia was so kind as to give us extra help over the phone with directions post-tour. This was especially appreciated as my iphone maps did not work, my translator map did not function, my practiced Italian language skills turned into "Spanalian" which was unitelligilble to the locals.

Georgia.... blew us away!!!! I am not one for Galleries and this would be our 4th tour in less than 3 days. She was simple amazing and go us excited about art and the history and everything about the borghese family. Just a splendid job and friendly person and passionate! highly recommend!

- Pam Smith

Out of the four tours, we went on throughout this trip Georgia was by far our favorite tour guide. Her passion and knowledge of the art we were viewing drew us in and made us feel as though we were actually experiencing the scenes as she set them. We could have easily listened and learned from her for hours. She did an excellent job!

- Brian Lucas

This tour was absolutely fantastic. It was probably our favorite activity for our whole trip. We had such a great time running around Rome with Georgia. Our driver, Daniel was great as well. There seemed to be some issues with timing and between the two of them everything worked out perfectly. Georgia answered all of our questions and more. We had a few guides training with us, so we felt extra special to have 3 people to answer questions. Georgia demonstrated very fluent and in depth knowledge of the city and its history. After the tour, she showed us how to find an amazing pizza place for lunch. Georgia did a great job of making the tour feel personal and helped us to really connect with this wonderful city. She was able to fluently flow between heavier parts of history, like in the Jewish ghetto, and some of the quirky fun parts of Rome. We would absolutely recommend this tour and this guide without reservations.

- Hidden Gems Driving Tour

Georgia was great! Super smart and interesting. She made the tour fun and I felt like I learned a lot.

- Kelly Stoddard

Loved Georgia. She was so engaging, full of humor and had great deal of knowledge about the sites. She was also aware of how special the visits were to Christians such as us in the group and highlighted the significance of the sites. We enjoyed every bit of the tour and actually came back 2 days later to spend more time at two of the Basilicas. Thanks, Georgia!

- Connie Doss

A gently paced tour (ideal after a having already had a very busy day) with excellent, interesting and amusing commentary. We were most impressed with Georgia's knowledge and engagement (she knew all our names within minutes and ensured that everyone was included). A real treat to go beneath the stage of the Colosseum and to see what had been such a very busy place during the day, so deserted and eerily quiet. Definitely worthwhile!

She was a great guide, funny and informative. She was full of energy :)

- Bindiya Jain

Really fascinating and different tour. Georgia was one of the best guides we've ever had. Extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun! Highly recommended.

- Ian Mitchell

Georgia was fantastic. Her knowledge of the subject matter, and of all things Rome was/is exceptional. Her delivery of the information was also fun and entertaining. We had several tours on our trip to Italy, and Georgia was, hands down, the best tour guide we had. I would have liked to have dragged her all around the city with us.

- Kenneth Goodrow

Georgia was fantastic. Her knowledge of the subject matter, and of all things Rome was/is exceptional. Her delivery of the information was also fun and entertaining. We had several tours on our trip to Italy, and Georgia was, hands down, the best tour guide we had. I would have liked to have dragged her all around the city with us.

- Kenneth Goodrow

I have taken many CityWonders tours (at least 5) and other companies too and Georgia has been by far the best tour guide. She's knowledgable, interesting, and entertaining. She knew the museum layout well and moved us around according to how busy each area was so we would have the best experience possible. Funny, informative and engaging. Never a boring moment! Thank you Georgia!

- Corinne Calhoun

Georgia was extremely knowledgeable about all of the art work and told us some very interesting stories and tailored her explanations for the audience.

- Helen Sophia Cason

Georgia was fabulous! One of the best we have ever experienced--and we've seen a lot.

- Michael Swisher

Absolutely the best guide we had. Very knowledgeable and enjoys her job. It shows. I couldn't have asked for a better guide to walk us around.

- Risk Kronfli

She was very personable and enjoyable. Made the experience very interesting and with a lot of fun facts. We enjoyed her so much that we booked another the catacombs tour the next day with her also.

- Ferdinand Williams

Best guide I had in a long time... Very knowledgeable passionate about Rome and the gallery... Wish she gave more tours I was on!

- Steve McCrossan

Georgia was very good, she was very informative but also made funny jokes and kept up a good spirit in the group. We liked the tour so much that we booked three more tours with your company while we're in Rome.

- Mira Bäck

Georgia is a master tour guide. Her knowledge and delivery is exceptional. She made this tour into one of the best we have done. The C&C tour was exceptional and we both really good noted it. Thanks Georgie for a rewarding experience. FYI the bus was excellent.

- Roger Vater

Georgia was an outstanding tour guide. She exhibited an in-depth knowledge of the history of the Borghese Gallery and the artwork contained within. More importantly, she was very passionate about the subjects she covered, which made us all the more interested in the content.

- Bill Ancona

Georgia Darell was probably the best guide I ever toured with. The depth of her knowledge of the artists, their lives, their works and the gallery itself was incredible. Combined with her charming personality, sense of humor and love of her subject made this one of the most enjoyable and INSIGHTFUL tours I ever had the pleasure of taking.

- Mark Kaufman

Our guide, Georgia Darell, was just great. Not only was Georgia very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter, but despite us being late for the tour (bad us), she allowed us to join when we, quite accidentally, caught up with her group. I always find that the guide makes the tour and Georgia delivered. Thanks Georgia!!

- Russell Schaefer

Georgia was hilarious, informative and sensitive to her group and their needs. This was one of our favourite tours during our trip to Rome and Georgia was a large reason for this. We absolutely loved our time with her and would jump at the chance to go on a tour with her again.

- Elizabeth Cooritz